This is What Production Houses Don't Tell You

When it comes to professional video, production houses aren't exactly honest with their clients. They have a knack for convincing clients that they're paying for some special method, something that can justify starting prices upwards of £1000. This kind of pricing is insane.

I'll let you in on a little secret: when you work with a production house, you're not paying for talent. You're not paying for experienced directors, and you're not even paying for time - any competent video editor will be able to produce a half-decent three-minute video in less than a day's work. 

You're paying for camera rentals.

See, a lot of production houses don't own their cameras. It's only in the last three years or so that buying studio-quality cinema cameras has become financially viable, so the vast majority of these companies still rent their primary equipment - and they're being charged upwards of £200/day, which massively increases the prices they charge. Even if your company does own its cameras, they operate in a financial environment where those kind of prices have become the norm, so they can get away with charging through the roof. 

I own my camera, and I'll never charge you a rental fee. In fact, I own a better camera than every single one of my York and Leeds based competitors.

I am the only local filmmaker offering above 4K. I am the only local filmmaker offering 15 stops of dynamic range. I am the only local filmmaker who offers to shoot in RAW format as standard, and manually colours every shot. 

I'm also the only filmmaker who will charge you £300 for a standard project. 

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Corporate and Business Video

I consider myself a specialist in the field of corporate and business video. For the past year, I have been in charge of video creation for StarCompliance, an international financial compliance authority and a world leader in their field. My work at Star has included the marketing videos that are now the face of the company, as well as instructional video guides used by over thirty thousand people worldwide and animations shown at conferences across the US.

In our modern economy, where social media and online distribution completely dominate the marketing industry, it is almost impossible to succeed without good video advertisement. Videos can convey a vast amount of memorable information in a short amount of time but, to do this well, structure is absolutely key. It's not enough to rely on just a script, or just nice cinematography, or just well-performed interviews, these aspects must be married together to best embellish your company's unique selling points. Most importantly, a truly successful advert requires a cohesive, intuitive composition that simultaneously displays the most treasured aspects of your company and illuminates the information you want your prospective clients to retain. It is for this exact reason that my services are "all-in-one".

Film may be an art, but corporate film is a science. The formulae, structure and shot design necessary for successful advertisement is completely distinct from the artistry of other types of film, and having worked extensively in this field, I am uniquely familiar with the exact specifications necessary for this type of media to be truly effective. I draw upon my experience as a director, scriptwriter, technical author, sound editor and cinematographer to produce complete, fully-inclusive video packages for all my clients, regardless of the size of their business or the budget I can work with.

A standard video package is priced at £300 for 1080p resolution, £350 for 2K and £500 for 4K. 4.6K footage is restricted to individual commissions, but is readily available. See the pricing page for more details.

Music Videos

Good production of low-budget music videos for independent bands and artists is becoming an ever-rarer commodity. As someone who was once part of an independent band, I have experienced the struggles of independent production first-hand, and know just how important it is to find the right visuals to best support your music. Not being able to properly showcase your talents because of a tight budget can be one of the biggest roadblocks to a career, which is why I offer affordable packages for independent bands as well as dedicated student packages - packages that take into account the most extreme budgetary requirements, starting at just £200

A music video doesn't need a stratospheric budget to look professional. Once you've got the key ingredients - good music, a proper camera and editing talent - you can produce truly professional content for next to no cost. If you can bring me a track that you're happy with, I can help you take it to the next level. 

There are so many styles of music video nowadays - performance-based, narrative, arthouse, one-take, FX-based and more, and all of them are easily attainable with the right production. As a musician myself, I can plan and shape your video to best represent and embellish the fundamental material that defines your band: your music. By integrating the lyrics, the melody and the cadence of your song into the video, and by providing a complete and detailed shot-list for your approval before filming begins, you can kickstart your career and elevate your music to stand alongside that of modern, professional artists.

For more information as to specific price packages, please see the "Pricing" page or, for an individual quote, email me at  


Showreels, Short Films and Other Projects

While corporate films and music videos are the most common types of project that people come to me with, I can also provide services to help create actors' showreels, can assist in the production of short film ideas that you might have, or anything else you might need. With seven years of filmmaking experience under my belt, I've not yet met a project that I couldn't handle.

  • Showreel Footage
  • Acoustic Recordings
  • Spoken Word
  • Weddings and Events
  • Performance Art
  • Trailers and Demonstrations
  • Instructional Videos
  • ... and more!

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