My name is Matthew Corry, and I am the founder of Truffleduck Films. 

I'd first like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and especially for visiting this page - I pride myself on being a very personal, very bespoke filmmaker, so I hope that this section of my website can, at least to some extent, convey that ethos. This section will likely be long - perhaps even dull - but I feel it important to properly introduce myself as a filmmaker. I want to be right for your company or project just as much as I want you to be right for me. 

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Having studied film academically, I began directing and creating video for a world-leading financial compliance company by the young age of 23. Through that experience, my creative skills have been honed to the finest professional edge; with a background in not only the creation of film, but in the study of its composition, I am uniquely suited to providing an all-in-one service to businesses, projects and artists. With a deep understanding of shot formula, cinematographic principles and editing tradition, my services are absolutely transparent for my clients; there will never be hidden fees, and planning will always be inclusive. 

My services are very deliberately "all-in-one". Prior to working in film, I specialised in audio work, recording voice-overs professionally and recording music for personal projects: because of this, I can supplement my video work with custom-made, studio-quality audio narration and voiceovers. Additionally, my professional experiences as a technical author, scriptwriter and proofreader have given me the skills to write and assist with any necessary scripting for your projects, making sure that the final product is as close to your vision as possible. 

Perhaps the most important part of my services is the fact that I own a cinema-grade camera, a BlackMagic URSA Mini 4.6K. This camera, brand new for 2016, is one of only 27 types of professional camera capable of recording true 4K footage, and boasts having resolution and dynamic range equivalent to that of the highest grade RED and ARRI cameras. The fact that I own this camera means that there are no real limits on when or for how long I can film, and it means that you as a client will not be charged extra for rental fees - it ensures that there are no hidden costs, and allows me to present all my prices up-front (after a discussion about the exact scope of the project). You will not find an equivalent camera being used for projects in this price range, as prices for projects involving equivalent cameras usually begin at well over £1500.

Every film that you see on this website has been created entirely by me - every shot, every edit, every transition - because I firmly believe that prospective clients should see my work when deciding to employ my services, rather than the work of a larger team.

If you would like to get a free quote for your project, or even if you would simply like to ask my advice on the subject, please don't hesitate to email me at truffleduckfilms@gmail.com.