Colour Grading

There are very few things in the world that I am more passionate about than colour. Having trained directly with the team at BlackMagic Design UK, and having performed bespoke grades for clients like Princelet Partners, PDFelement and Online Foody, as well as short films, production houses and more, I bring the experience and equipment necessary to make your footage look like it's come directly from Hollywood in the grading bay. Colour grading, or the process of correcting and stylising images by altering their colour values, is a complex, deeply important process, and every feature film, AAA advert or music video you've ever seen will rely heavily upon it. Below are a couple of images from before and after a colour grade - please take a look at my video gallery to see just how important colour can be, and email me at if you would like me to grade your footage or provide custom LUTs. Grading prices are fully bespoke, based on the amount of footage, duration of project and complexity.

Have great footage that just needs that finishing touch?
Need shooting issues like over/underexposure fixed in post?
Do you want that "cinematic" look?