Equipment and Demonstration Footage

A full list of my equipment is listed below. Extra equipment can easily be hired as per necessity, but most of my work will be done with the following:

  • BlackMagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K (2016 Issue) Cinema Camera
  • Samyang T1.5 18mm Wide Angle Lens
  • Canon F1.8 35mm Standard Lens
  • BOYO BY-PVM1000L On-Camera Shotgun Microphone
  • SE1X Condenser Microphone (voice over work)
  • Velbon D-400 LT Camera Tripod
  • BPS 1250W Softboxes (x2)
  • Neewer 14" 400W 5500K Photographic Ring Lamp
  • Manfrotto Lastolight Reflectors (Sunlight; Soft Silver; Gold; White)
  • Eimo Shoulder Mount Camera Rig
  • All footage colourised and edited in Davinci Resolve 12.5 Studio Edition and, for bespoke projects, FX work is performed with HitFilm 2017 Pro.

Below is my editing and colour grading suite, DaVinci Resolve

While not strictly equipment related, I provide all clients with their final product in two formats of their choice (usually with one in H.264 - the standard for HD internet videos), and offer ultra high-quality files in DNxHR format so that, if necessary, compression artifacts can be almost completely avoided. Additionally, for a small fee I can provide the original footage captured if different edits are required at later dates, such as for compilations, or simply for use as stock footage.